Direct downlod your eQSL

Direct dowload your EQSL Card is not possible now due to server security. If you wish to receive my eQSL card, make a request please. Use Contact Me Menu, fill in your Callsign, Date of our QSO, band and time. I will send you a confirmation card as soon as I can.

My e-QSL card system is as follows:

At the end of each month a .adi log file is generated with all the QSOs of that month. This log file is always uploaded to for QSO confirmation. This log file is also processed by an e-QSL card generator software writen in JAVA. An own design e-QSL .jpg card is generated for each QSO. All cards generated are uploaded here at the server for EMAIL requests.

Paper QSL cards are most appreciated when sent via direct only please, via bureau not possible. If you wish to send your card via direct please use my address as indicated at Contact Me menu. I do my utmost to replay for each direct QSL card received.

Postal charges are not cheap here in Malta and are getting more expensive every now and then. If you send a Self Addressed Envelope and sufficient postal money (minimum two dollars please, for now) I will reply with a paper QSL card directly to you guaranteed.